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3-5 years old


Cheburashka and his friends

By : Makoto Nakamura

With :

Country/Year : Japan, 2010

Duration : 50'

Language/Age : French & French with Luxembourgish dubbing / 3+

Genre : Animation

Screenings :

Sunday 02 March 2014, 11h00

Sunday 02 March 2014, 15h00

Tuesday 04 March 2014, 10h30

Wednesday 05 March 2014, 14h15

Thursday 06 March 2014, 14h15

Venues :

Cinémathèque (public)

Cinémathèque (public)

Cinémathèque (schools)

Cinémathèque (schools)

Cinémathèque (schools)

Synopsis :

Employing the technique of stop motion animation, the film tells two successive stories, each with Cheburashka as the main character. Arriving in Russia, the bear with the oversized ears is expelled from the zoo because nobody could identify his animal species. Cheburashka finally meets Gena, a crocodile wearing a hat and a tie who loves smoking a pipe. The two decide to form a "House of Friends", to which all are welcome who, like them, are not loved. Life unfolds peacefully, even if the old Madame Chapeau-Claque sometimes plays tricks on them. One day a circus arrives in town and will provide a series of adventures.

The film tells the story of friendship and kindness as the greatest virtues. The characters are placed in a set that is impressive for both its simplicity and the colorful décor.

Director :

Makoto Nakamura, born in 1970 in Saitama (Japan), is a film director and screenwriter who is mainly known for his contributions to the field of animation. Since 1981, Namakura has worked on several films and TV series, both directing and writing screenplays, including “Air” (2005) and “The Snow Queen” (2008).

Filmographie :

  • Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack (Video), 2012
  • The Sacred Blacksmith (TV-series), 2009 
  • Clannad, 2007
  • Rocket Girls (TV-series) (2 episodes), 2007
  • Air, 2005
  • The Snow Queen (TV-series), 2005

Infos :

Nominations :

  • Fenêtre sur le cinéma japonais, Mon premier Festival 2012
  • Best Film, Festival du Film de Lama 2011

Critics :

« C’est drôle, naïf, coloré, tendre, amical. Avec un crocodile à nœud papillon, une vieille dame chapeautée et espiègle, une fillette qui veut devenir funambule et un ex-magicien. Tous en marionnettes joyeusement animées. Les personnages sont à croquer. À voir dès 3 ans. » 
Fabienne Bradfer, Le Soir, Juillet 2013 
« L'entraide, la tolérance, l'amitié et la persévérance sont les valeurs phares de ce film poétique, drôle et un peu mélancolique. »
Caroline Besse, Première, 2012

« Coloré, joyeux et bon esprit, 'Cheburashka' va sans doute emballer les jeunes spectateurs.» 
Renaud Baronian, Le Parisien, Octobre 2011 

 „ Als Fans des Genres „Fantasy und Zeichentrick″ werden Sie den Film sicher auch kreativ, kurzweilig und fantasievoll finden.”

Fantasyfilm, Info, 2012


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