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Documentary Competition

Happily ever after

By : Tatjana Božić

With :

Country/Year : Croatia, Netherlands, 2014

Duration : 82'

Language/Age : Croate ov with English subt.

Genre : Documentary

Screenings :

Sunday 02 March 2014, 21h00

Wednesday 05 March 2014, 18h30

Venues :

Utopia (public)

Cinémathèque (public)

Synopsis :

Tatjana Božić was born in Croatia. After a lot of ex-boyfriends with each their own problems, she’s now in a relationship with the father of her child. She wants to build a life with him and films everything, even their escalting fights. In a final desperate attempt to save that relationship she dives into her past and makes a kaleidoscopic journey visiting her ex-lovers. 
“Happily Ever After’’ is a merciless and humorous portrait of the filmmaker’s love life.

Director :

Filmmaker Tatjana Božic was born in 1971 and grew up in Croatia before the Balkan War. At the age of 15, she moved to Moscow, where she studied TV journalism and filmmaking. She worked freelance as a TV journalist, a documentary filmmaker and in advertising in e.g. Moscow, London and Croatia. “Happily Ever After” is Božic's first feature-length documentary.

Filmographie :

  • Of No Strategic Importance / Bez strateškog značenja (documentary), 1993 
  • Fraus (Short), 1995
  • Provincial Girls / Provincijalke (documentary), 1997
  • Circa oaza (Short), 1999
  • Bespomoć (documentary), 2000
  • Distorted Reflections / Iskrivljeni odrazi (documentary), 2001
  • Sex O’Clock (documentary), 2006

Infos :


  • Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2014

Critics :

‘’The film, gorgeously art-directed by Josefin Åsberg and shot by Fredrik Wenzel is engrossing throughout.’’
Torene Svitil,, Janvier 2014
‘‘It is a rather intriguing experience, as indeed we get to witness a personal side to the story that is never really revealed so plainly and with such disarming genuineness.‘‘
Matt Micucci,, 2013


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