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Documentary Competition

Ne me quitte pas

By : Sabine Lubbe Bakker, Niels van Koevorden

With :

Country/Year : Belgium, Netherlands

Duration : 107'

Language/Age : French ov with English subt.

Genre : Documentary

Screenings :

Monday 03 March 2014, 18h30

Wednesday 05 March 2014, 18h30

Venues :

Cinémathèque (public)

Utopia (public)

Synopsis :

The Flemish Bob and the Walloon Marcel have seen their lives slip through their fingers, and they have come together to share sorrow and drink-sodden nights. Bob, who looks like a weather-beaten explorer, hardly ever sees his grown-up children and drinks rum like water. Marcel is a broken man caught up in divorce proceedings who drowns his sorrows in liters of beer, but at least they have one another. Together they visit the dentist, celebrate carnival in the village pub and go to Marcel’s intake at a rehab clinic. But usually they meet at one of their kitchen tables, where drink and conversation flow freely. This unusual, character-driven story delivers heartwarming and sad, hilarious and painful moments in provincial Belgium.

Director :

Sabine Lubbe Bakker (1978) is a Dutch filmmaker, coming from Belgium. She studied Emerging markets and Political Sciences and lived in Brazil and Syria. Her first film “Shout” won Best Film at the London Documentary Film Festival. Sabine directed several documentaries for the Dutch documentary program Backlight (VPRO) before working on “Ne me quitte pas”.

Niels van Koevorden (1984) was born in Tiel, the Netherlands. At the age of three he moved with his parents to Belgium. After fourteen years of Flemish culture he returned to the Netherlands to continue his studies. At the Bernhard Lievegoed College of Liberal Arts he first noticed his interest in documenting the life surrounding him. He started studying film at the School of Arts in Utrecht, but soon got accepted at the Dutch Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam where he graduated (in 2010) as a director. In 2003 he made his first short documentary portraying youngsters leaving Sarajevo. His love for the Balkan region was then born and even today it is a  recurring theme in his work. His graduation film "LUKOMIR - SIX MONTHS OFF" was rewarded with the VPRO documentary award for best graduation documentary.

Infos :


  • International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam 2013

Critics :

Bakker and van Koevorden carefully avoid the cliches which bedevil so many similar documentaries, with musical accompaniment kept to a minimum in favor of judicious deployment of classical and pop-music cuts, including legendary Belgian chansonnier Jacques Brel standard which provides the film with its multi-layered title.
Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter, Novembre 2013
If Jim Jarmusch made a movie about two alcoholic friends hanging out in the woods, it might look something like the Dutch documentary 'Don't Leave Me' ('Ne Me Quitte Pas'). Directors Sabine Lubbe Bakker and Niels van Koevorden's hilariously touching portrait of bitter men drowning their sorrows in booze is the ultimate buddy comedy with brains.
Eric Kohn,, November 24, 2013


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